We offer a variety of sequencing options, including high throughput sequencing of amplicon libraries (e.g., 16S or 18S amplicons) or shotgun metagenomics.  The amplicon libraries can be used to infer microbial community structure and relative abundances over time and space.  These data are analogous to microscopy-based methods, but provide higher resolution because cell sizes and morphologies have no effect on DNA analyses.  The shotgun metagenomes can be assembled and used to infer community structure and relative abundance, additionally, these data can be used to identify specific taxa containing genes of interest, such as those involved in toxin biosynthesis or taste and odor production (e.g., geosmin and 2-MIB).  From these data, we can develop QPCR assays to rapidly and cheaply monitor for these nuisance species in your water body of interest.



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