Toxin testing

We offer ELISA services for all major classes of freshwater and marine algal toxins.  We strive to return customer results within 36 hours of sample receipt (Mon. – Thurs. delivery), and rush services (same day) can be arranged. We accept both water samples and shellfish tissue samples. We recommend pairing ELISA analysis with QPCR to provide confirmation of positive results; paired assays are especially recommended for shellfish samples because they are complex matrices which may cause ELISA false positives on occasion.  

Water quality analyses are $100-$125 per assay, SPATT, plant and shellfish tissue analyses are $125-$150 per assay.

Freshwater algal toxins (limits of detection):

1. Anatoxin-a (0.10 ppb in water)

2. Cylindrospermopsins (0.04 ppb in water)

3. Microcystins (all congeners) and nodularin (0.10 ppb in water)

4. Saxitoxin (0.015 ppb in water)

Marine algal toxins (limits of detection):

1. Brevetoxins (LOD – 0.05 ppb in water, 22.5 ppb in shellfish tissue)

2. Cyclic imines, including spirolides and pinnatoxins (LOD – 8 ppb both water and shellfish tissue)

3. Domoic acid (LOD – 6 ppb in water, 30 ppb in shellfish tissue)

4. Okadaic acids (LOD – 100 ppb in shellfish tissue)

5. Saxitoxin (LOD – 0.015 ppb in water and in shellfish tissue)


Sets of 10 or more samples receive a 10% discount, contact for a detailed quote.