Toxin testing

We offer ELISA services for all major classes of freshwater and marine algal toxins.  We strive to return customer results within 36 hours of sample receipt (Mon. – Thurs. delivery), and rush services (next day) can be arranged. We accept both water, tissue and SPATT samples. 

Freshwater algal toxins (limits of detection):

1. Anatoxin-a (0.10 ppb in water)

2. Cylindrospermopsins (0.04 ppb in water)

3. Microcystins/Nodularins – all congeners (0.10 ppb in water)

4. Saxitoxins (0.015 ppb in water)

Marine algal toxins (limits of detection):

1. Brevetoxins (LOD – 0.05 ppb in water, 22.5 ppb in shellfish tissue)

2. Cyclic imines, including spirolides and pinnatoxins (LOD – 8 ppb both water and shellfish tissue)

3. Domoic acid (LOD – 6 ppb in water, 30 ppb in shellfish tissue)

4. Okadaic acids (LOD – 100 ppb in shellfish tissue)

5. Saxitoxins (LOD – 0.015 ppb in water and in shellfish tissue)


Sets of 10 or more samples receive a 10% discount, contact for a detailed quote.